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At the Crown Paper Company, we believe that proper training is an integral part of our business and is one of the foundation blocks upon which we rely to be successful.

Our staff's training begins on day of hire and continues throughout their career. We understand that our staff needs to be current on all of the latest issues you face within your facilities, and that you will expect us to have solutions. It's very important that you feel confident the Crown Paper Company has the answers you need, when you need them. In addition to our staff training, we also provide a variety of in-depth training and product knowledge to you, our customer.

As a Crown Paper customer, you have access to all of our training resources. We routinely update our library of training materials as our vendors

develop new products, and we make these available to you through your sales representative. We also offer

face-to-face training for
both equipment and product use. We will provide one-on-one training at your facility, or ours, whenever it is needed. If you prefer the workshop format, you and your staff can come to our facility and work with our staff and other customers in similar situations.

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your training needs.

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